ISLAMABAD: Nearly a year and a half after the Panama Papers leaks shook the world elites by revealing the offshore holdings of some of the most powerful diplomatic players, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released another high regard trove of data late on the subject of Sunday.

Dubbed the Paradise Papers, the leaks consist of 13.4 million files from a captivation of offshore facilitate providers and the company registries of some of the worlds most secretive countries.

The documents append go ahead agreements, financial statements, emails, trust behavior and additional supervision from Appleby, a leading offshore combat out resolved gone offices in Bermuda, as expertly as files from a smaller trust company, Asiaciti.

Rex Tillerson, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Noor of Jordan, three former Canadian PMs as well as named in light leaks

The most prominent Pakistani proclaim that emerged from the well-ventilated leaks was that of Shaukat Aziz, the Musharraf-time finance minister who with remained prime minister from 2004 to 2007.

Mr Aziz worked for Citibank back entering politics and was one of the shareholders and directors of the Bahamas-registered Cititrust Limited from 1997 to 1999, together in addition to accretion executives of the bank.

Shaukat Aziz set occurring the Antarctic Trust in the pronounce of his wife, three kids and granddaughter weeks in the in the back he came to Pakistan to benefit the finance ministry, ICIJ representative Umar Cheema told Geo News, relationship that these assets were never avowed to any Pakistani institution in financial documents Mr Aziz submitted in the company of 2003 and 2006.

Applebys Bermuda office was the trusts protector, acting as an independent manager. In a 2012 internal memo, the take upheaval trues submission officer noted that Aziz had been accused by the rival of two-timing assertion of assets, ruination and misappropriation of funds, the ICIJ website said. Antarctic Trust was closed in Sept 2015.

The ICIJ maintained that the Antarctic Trust held most of Mr Azizs assets earned once he worked at Citicorp and was created back he relocated to Pakistan to be appointed finance minister.

The endeavor was to insure that if he were to die, his assets would rider efficiently to his associates, Mr Azizs lawyer told the ICIJ.

Shukat aziz


When asked by the consortium why his asset declarations in Pakistan didnt mention the Antarctic Trust, the lawyer said the valid owner of the trust was Citicorp Trust Delaware N.A., not Mr Aziz, and that Mr Aziz and his relatives members paid all US taxes they owed.

Cititrust is an affiliate of Citicorp where Mr Aziz was an paperwork, and managed his personal assets for many years, the lawyer said.

Former chairman of the National Insurance Corporation Limited, Ayaz Khan Niazi, is moreover named in the Paradise Papers, Mr Cheema said.

In appendage, 13 members of the Trump cabinet including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Louis Ross Jr were named in the leaks.

Queen Elizabeth II of England, Queen Noor of Jordan, former Canadian prime ministers Jean Chretien, Paul Martin and Brian Mulroney and pop stars Madonna and Bono of U2 are as well as named in the leak.

Records as well as undertaking that Kremlin-owned resolved, VTB Bank, quietly directed $191 million into an investment fund that used the portion to benefit a large stake in the social media network, Twitter, in 2011.

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They with fighting that a subsidiary of the Kremlin-controlled moving picture giant, Gazprom, heavily funded an offshore company that made a large investment in Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook.

While the leaked data does not contain any proof of criminality about the portion of the persons named in the documents before now owning offshore companies is not a crime in and of itself it is yet intensely likely that the maintenance funnelled into these holdings did not appendix through valid banking channels and was laundered through tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands and Bermuda.




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